The Sigils of Meshtun

The Marked Ones (Kaj's view)

Mumbles to himself on the hard dungeon floor. Finally a breather. She kept asking us about a party name. I looked around these assorted characters and noticed the strange marks, kin to the blue marks on my sword hand, and then someone mumbled “the marked ones.”

So there we have it. The marked ones.

I purchased some shurikens at the town. The daggers had a way of flying to the ceiling last time I went into battle. These aerodynamic blades were promised to fly true by the shopkeeper.

Went to the shrine of Bahamut and asked as much as I could about the lost member of the flock. Was able to jowel the head priest out of some potion and promises of further rewards if we got the job done.

The trip out of town and into the ruins was highlighted by an attack of the lizard men. The shurikens did fly true. Afterwards, someone mentioned that the elf girl was watching again in the woods. Someone has to nick that skirt before we all end up in the Hoary Man’s pot.

The entrance to the dungeon was guarded by a couple of the goblins and pair of hobbies. The fire belcher was no problem, but the two hobbies put up one hell of a fight. Would hate to meet a full gang of them. One of the gobs tried to make a run of it, but my shuriken again found its mark.

I finally got bloodied in this mess. Wondering how long my luck will hold out. I wish that gnome, dwarf and ugly priest would pull their weight. We sure will need them going down the corridor…The gobbies know we’re a visiting and we won’t have the jump on em this time.

I guess it won’t hurt to say a prayer to Bahamut before we take the long path down.



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