The Sigils of Meshtun

Return to Enyen

We’ve done alot, me and this crew of ne’er do wells. We cleared out the hobgoblins of the upside down fist and then went to the Falls to help out the grand ol’ church of Bahamut. After clearing the area of the kobolds, we entered the caves behind the falls. We discussed who would go in first, and everyone kept staring at me. Perhaps all my black clothing, throwing knives, and felt-bottomed boots gave these guys an unfortunate impression that my occupation involved skulking in shadows, when every upstanding citizen knows that I am simple sailor.

Anyhow, I entered the cave by my lonesome and faced a practical army of the kobolds. My crew heard my brave screaming through the waterfalls and entered the fray.

After clearing out the majority of the dogfaces, we chased the leaders to the back chambers and discovered to our dismay, a green scaled dragon from folklore. I thought the dark lady would have us for sure that day, but the warforged was able to knock the dragon over and the rest of the crew had a fine time whittling the drake down. He tried to escape with his stinkin lady-bitch, but good ol Flint-the-dragon-slayer, clipped him in mid-flight.

We returned to town with souvenirs and I approached my fence, ahem, merchant for commercial transactions.

Was able to pick up a nice rapier, named “Luck Be Damned.”

The crew discussed where we would head, and the majority of the crew selected that shining city of Enyen. On the way, I divulged my past improprieties with a young lady who happened to have been wed to some captain of the city guards, blah blah blah. I informed my party, in full disclosure, that the captain had taken offense at my carnal knowledge of his dame. His dame not so much.

Can’t wait to get to the City.



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