Wild Lands

Wildlands 2

Once a settled, civilized land, the Wild Lands are now desolately beautiful.

The Wild Lands of North Meshtun lie to the east of the Inland Sea. They were once provinces of the Golden Kingdom but only vestiges remain of that great era.

This very large area has very little ‘civilization’ and is inhabited by wild tribes and alliances of the coarser races. Raids and incursions from the Wild Lands have been a problem for the eastern Sea Realms and other kingdoms to the south.

History tells of cities and temples in ruins, abandoned or inhabited by remnants of the original settlers or their conquerors. But these days little comes out of the Wild Lands that is not fire and blood.

One city manages to hold on in this wild land, in part because it clings to the coast of the Great Inland SeaFreeport. This city has a bad reputation, however, and many of the pirates who plague the Great Inland Sea and River Navee are said to have their home base here, or nearby.

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Wild Lands

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