South Meshtun

This great continent extends 11,000 miles, east to west, and 4,500 miles north to south. One of the major features of this continent is the Greenswath, a vast jungle that covers the continent along the equator, and which is home to the Empire of the Ni. Two major rivers run through the Greenswath – the River Ni Om and the Usszusszu River.

Far to the south stretch range after range of mountains – the Coldfang Mountains. These mountain chains contain the tallest mountains on all Meshtun. Dwarves and goliaths have communities in these mountains, but huge swaths of the peaks belong to very evil races, many of them living in caverns and caves deep underground. There is talk of an ancient evil in these mountains, an evil that has plagued the world for thousands of years, but of which none know the full story.

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The Greenswath

The Coldfang Mountains

South Meshtun

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