Sanc Ni

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The great capital city of the Empire of the Ni. It lies on the north coast of South Meshtun at the easternmost part of the great delta of the River Ni Om. It connects to the River Ni Om via a great canal with locks, and thus avoids the annual inundations of the river. The city’s origins are so ancient that no one knows how old it is.

It’s current population is between 500,000 and one million.

Politically it is in turmoil, as two ‘Emperors’ claim the throne of the Ni – Thorc-An-Ni resides in the Imperial Palace, but his rival, Ver-Aus-Ni, has control of the surrounding area and has laid siege to the capital.

This internal strife has weakened the hold of the central authority over the vassals of the far provinces.

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Sanc Ni 3

Sanc Ni – the massive Sea Wall and Palace of the Ni, both over 5,000 years old.

Sanc Ni

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