Pard’lu the Fair, Pard’lu the Magnificent, Pard’lu of the Thousand Towers – these have all been names born by this ancient and noble city. For over 9,000 years this great metropolis on the south coast of North Meshtun, at the mouth of the River Navee, has been the capital of one mighty empire after another. ( See Maps )

Currently it is the capital of what remains of the Golden Kingdom. Its population still surpasses one million, but some sections of the city are in ruins, indicating that at one time there were even more people living there.

It has a huge port along both banks of the river and ships from all over Meshtun can be seen at its docks. Every race and tongue is to be found in this great metropolis. Schools and academies, temples and shrines, guilds and fellowships, all have a place in the city.

The current Golden King, Nardo the Wise , a half-elf, has been a well-loved ruler for over 40 years. The Golden Army and the Golden Navy are still mighty forces, but nothing compared to what they were in the ages of glory.

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Pard'lu 2

Front view of the Inner Imperial Palace of Pard’lu


City Essentials

Name: Pard’lu City population: 1,000,000

Pard’lu the Fair, the Magnificent, of the 1000 Towers

Country details (king, etc.): Golden Kingdom, Emperor

Racial makeup: Human 55%, half-elves 10%, all others around 1-5%

Leader name(s): Nardo the Wise (Clan Lestelle), Half-elf, 80 years old, 40 years of rule. Wife, Ianna, human. 3 sons, 2 daughters. Heir apparent is son Velornan.

Defenses and leaders:

Leader of armies, navies is son Velornan Lestelle 45 years old, 15 as general, (see above), aided by human, dwarf and elven generals.

  • Standing Army: 10,000 men. General Pex – dragonborn
  • Standing Navy: 100 ships with 7,000 men. Admiral Helbore – half-elf

Police and leaders: Chief of police, human female Commander Urdine, aided by Halfling female captain Dandelion.

  • Police force: 1,000 constables. Watchhouse: L 21 (in front of the admiralty)

Major Temples and Archpriests:

All religions are represented.

  • TD The Great House of Pelor: Great Father Pelor is an old human male.
  • TD Bahamut: official religion Grand Justiciar Drendes – half-elf male, 65 years old.
  • TD Moradin: Sonnlinor Gretel – female dwarf
  • TD Kord: General Dorgon – male human
  • TD Correlon: Feywarden Irressta – female eladrin
  • N18 The Raven Queen: Shademistress Ollendre – female half-orc
  • TD Ioun: Mistress Tor Kan – female human Ni
  • TD Avandra: Father Hungrel – male human
  • TD Erathis: Lord Priest Bendeg – male human
  • TD Melora: High Priestess Garama – female halfling
  • TD Sehanine: Mother Gorinna – female human
  • Bane:?
  • Asmodeus:?
  • Vecna: ?
  • Zehir: ?

Thieves’ Guilds and Leaders:

  • The Bronzeknuckle Gang
  • The Dark Ones
  • Margoyle’s boys
  • Assassins’ Guild
  • Dock Rats
  • The Triangle
  • The Fragrant – beggars’ guild

Other Guilds and Leaders:

Every imaginable profession
• The Imperial Golden Bank – for depositing cash and treasure
• The Bank of Sanc Ni
• The Kintban Exchange
• Numerous smaller moneylenders and foreign exchange/merchant houses.

Magic schools:

  • S12 Academy is probably the best in the world. Rituals, magic items, all available, but a little more expensive (+10%). Also research is available, for a price. Master Xenophore – male elf

Other specialists:

  • Alchemists, physicians (including a strange saurial physician who is supposedly the best in the world).
  • T13 Dr. Ssyxthry#n

Sample Inns/Taverns:

  • C4 The Gryphon and Grape – brothel
  • V 13 The Golden Apple – expensive
  • Brinly’s Hope
  • Snarky’s – cheap, dockside
  • The Eye of the Beast – expensive
  • Madame Pala’s – brothel
  • Hankey’s Kitchen – cheap
  • The Fox and Hen
  • Pollock’s Place

Other Main Attractions:

Embassies from every Meshtunian nation worth anything. Including

  • Q7 Sanc Ni, Ambassadress Thorc Ham Ne
  • Licatarian Protectorate,
  • Emirate of Pira,
  • Kintban,
  • Kes,
  • R6 Enyen, Count Hextor
  • Vareia,
  • Elye,
  • Kingdom of Aledia,
  • The Free States,
  • Nerëo,
  • Allesëa,
  • Kash Tür,
  • Eskun,
  • The Eastern Lakes,
  • V9 The Isle of Erella, Ambassador Mavin male eladrin
  • The Arena – fights, races, spectacles, concerts, plays
  • The Admiralty – the navy headquarters
  • The Temple of Bahamut – largest in the world, huge Library
  • School of Erathis – closest thing to a University on Meshtun
  • The Fort – headquarters of the army

Travel possibilities:

  • Ships to everywhere.
  • Roads both north and along both coasts.


  • There are several portals here, an official government portal, and a few ambassadorial ones.
  • There are no known commercial portals. Some of the temples may have portals, but they are secret.

Shopping Opportunities:

  • L20 The Great Market – food, mundane items, simple clothes, simple weapons/armor
  • U13 The Diamond Market – expensive items, medicines, drugs, books, luxuries, silk, fine weapons, rare food
  • P12 The Small Market – magical items, potions, alchemy
  • The North Docks – bulk goods, ores
  • The South Docks – exotics, animals, Sanc Ni trade


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