North Meshtun

The continent of North Meshtun stretches 9500 miles from east to west and 3500 miles from north to south.

The main features of the continent are the extremely long chain of mountains, the Doomspire Mountains that separate the continent from the northern polar region, and the vast inland fresh-water sea in the center of the continent, the Great Inland Sea.

North Meshtun’s greastest political entity for the last 2000 years has been the Golden Kingdom, which used to extend across most of southern parts of the continent. Today it is reduced to a small remnant near the mouths of the great River Navee.

Large communities of halflings and elves also exist, tucked into the valleys bordering the Doomspire Mountains. Dwarves and goliaths populate some of the mountains, but many fell races compete with them there.

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North Meshtun 2

The foothills of the Doomspire Mountains

North Meshtun

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