Nesena Town

Nesena Town 2

Nesena Town is small, but very old. It is often called the ‘Garden of the North’

Nesena Town ( See Maps ) is the largest town in the eastern reaches of the Sea Realm of Enyen – an area of gently rolling hills, pleasant streams and fertile land. It lies roughly 200 miles from the city of Enyen, by road, and 100 miles south of the Great Inland Sea. Unfortunately, it is only 50 or so miles from the nebulous ‘eastern border’ of the realm. Little or no trade passes thither, but many sorrows and evils come thence.


Its population is roughly 8,000. The majority are human, but there are large groups of halflings, elves and half-elves as well. Less common, but not unheard of, are permanently settled dwarves, gnomes, elves, tieflings and dragonborn, although many often pass through town on their travels. (see viniculture below) Goliaths, devas, half-orcs and shifters are almost legendary and would cause quite a stir if sighted on the streets of Nesena Town, or anywhere else in human-settled lands.


The Governor,Harton Bindusi, appointed by the Duke of Enyen, is responsible for the town and the surrounding freehold territory extending up to 10 miles from the town walls.

The neighboring nobility have homes in Nesena Town, but have castles and keeps on their ancestral lands. They have prestige, but no legal power, inside the town’s freehold.

A small militia of 90 soldiers guards the town and defends it from the occasional attacks that invariably come across the border from the Wild Lands to the east. The leader of the militia is Mairit Ken’til. In times of need, the town can raise a citizens’ army of 500. The town has started to erect stone walls, but for lack of funding they are only partially built. The gaps are filled with temporary wooden stockades. Thus there are two stone gates to the city and 1 wooden one, each of them with 3-4 guards on duty.


The town boasts three inns and numerous taverns. The inns, in order of increasing price and luxury are: The Golden Snake, The Stately Cup, and The King’s Bow.

The ‘official’ temple of Nesena Town is dedicated to Bahamut, although other deities are also honored there. There is another smaller, much older temple to Pelor. This temple is much beloved by the poorer residents and the farmers from the surrounding area. The chief cleric of Bahamut is Justiciar Narda. The priest of Pelor is an old man named simply ‘the Father’ or ‘Father Pelor’.

The town has one marketplace where everyday food and implements may be bought. Apothecaries and barbers take care of most of the medical needs of the community. The smithies and forges of the town produce mainly farming implements, although recently they’ve had to branch out into weapons as the incursions from the Wild Lands increase in number.


Nesena Town is famous for its fine wines. The hills in this part of North Meshtun are especially well-adapted to viniculture. Among the most famous vintages are “Golden Realm” and “Pelor’s Peace”. The quality of the wine served in the taverns and inns of the town is much better than your average Meshtunian watering hole.

Of equal note, if not financially as viable, are the beautiful waterfalls to be found in the vicinity. Many paintings have been made of ‘Nesena’s Veils’ and the ‘Falls of Dreams’.

Nesenas Veils 2

Nesena’s Veils figures in hundreds of Meshtunian works of art

The towns most eccentric and ‘infamous’ resident is the reclusive Xelkor. Some say he is a cleric of a dark god, others that he is a powerful sorceror. He rarely leaves his dark, shuttered house, leaving all mundane affairs to his small domestic staff. Neighbors speak of strange smells and lights coming out of the house at odd hours of the night.

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Nesena Town

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