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The World of Meshtun

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Meshtun is a world dominated by two large continents that roughly form an ‘equals sign’. See Maps

One long continent lies north of the equator(North Meshtun), and the other to the south (South Meshtun). A group of large islands lies far off in the World Ocean equidistant to the other continents from both east and west.

Our adventure starts in the Sea Realm of Enyen – in Nesena Town, which is not far from the frontier with the Wild Lands to the east and a hundred miles south of the Great Inland Sea.

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The common pantheon of the multiverse is well-known on Meshtun, and their machinations among the mortal races have caused great joy and great suffering in the long history of all the races.

Among the humans of North Meshtun, the most ancient religions revere Pelor. But the official religion of the Golden Kingdom has always been that of Bahamut, so his temples are always the most magnificent in that part of the world.

The people of the Empire of the Ni of South Meshtun have traditionally shown a preference for two gods – Kord and Melora.

In all large cities, other temples appear, especially those to Erathis.

Other races have their preferences, of course, with Avandra popular among the halflings, Moradin with dwarves, Sehanine among the eladrin and elves.

Religions that worship the evil gods are generally frowned upon in ‘civilized’ lands, but that has not stopped hidden covens and circles of adepts from building and maintaining secret sanctuaries – although these generally must be in large cities or out in desolate patches of the countryside to escape the notice of the authorities.


The history of Meshtun is marked by cyclical periods of great accomplishments, followed by long periods of barbarism. Different races rise, while others fall. Historians note that this cycle takes about 3,000 years.

Recent history indicates the barbarism is at an all time high. Great kingdoms that once spanned both North and South Meshtun have been reduced to small hold-overs. Civilizations are pressed on all sides by hordes of barbarians and fell races of orcs, goblins and worse.

Those who follow history hope that the cycle is near the turning point, when civilization will again begin its ascendance in Meshtun.

Current World Politics

Due to the rise of barbarism (see History) most of the great empires of the past are in greatly reduced state or have disappeared. In North Meshtun, only those lands of the once-vast empire called the Golden Kingdom that immediately surround the city of Pard’lu near the mouths of the River Navee remain. The other provinces of the Golden Kingdom are now independent or have disappeared under the invading hordes.

Meanwhile, in South Meshtun, the Empire of the Ni with its capital, Sanc Ni, has been able to retain more of its glory and land, but less of its strength, as feuding nobles and upstart houses battle for what remains.


All the common races live on Meshtun, as well as some unusual and unique races not found elsewhere in the multiverse.

By far the most numerous these days are the humans. Recently, the greater empires have been theirs, although all the other races have usually found a place within these human realms. In olden days, some of the other races were dominant, and ruins and legends of their empires remain.

Large enclaves of elves, halflings, dwarves, goliaths and gnomes lie scattered and besieged across both continents. Legends speak of a fey kingdom of eladrin on a great island in the middle of the World Ocean, but no contact has been had with that culture for 1,000 years. Small communities of tieflings and dragonborn exist, but are hidden and reclusive for the most part. Small clans of half-elves and half-orcs are found scattered here and there, but these people generally mix in with the larger populations of humans, elves and orcs. In the deepest wilderness there are rumors of shifters who can change between animal and human, but few in the ‘civilized’ lands have ever verified if this is true or not. Rarest of all are the devas. It is said that many devas never meet another of their kind during their lifetime! There are ancient tales that speak of other beings from alternate realities that occasionally visit Meshtun, but many believe these tales to be exaggerated.

Large areas of Meshtun are now ‘wild lands’, and are inhabited by the coarser races and strange beasts and monsters too numerous to mention here. But in South Meshtun, on the coast to the east of Sanc-Ni, one of these primitive races seems on the verge of civilization – the saurials. Legends also speak of large underground kingdoms, especially in the vast mountain chains near the cold latitudes of both continents. The dwarves speak little of these, for these kingdoms are usually filled with evil and dark forces.

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Keeping time is easy on Meshtun. A day is 24 hours, each hour is 60 minutes.

There are four seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Each season has 90 days.

There are too many ways of counting the years on Meshtun, depending on what part of the world you’re in. Most reckon the First Day of Summer as the beginning of the year.

To make things easy, we’ll start on Year 1, The First Day of Summer, (Game Session 1)

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