Great Inland Sea

The largest fresh-water body on Meshtun. It lies in the center of North Meshtun and is an irregular circle roughly 650 miles wide.

The lands around the sea are calle the Sea States. They include the elf-kingdom of Varéia, the Sea Realm of Enyen, the Free States of Lanver and the halfling Land of Elye.

In the center of the Great Inland Sea lies the island Kingdom of Nerëo.

The east coast of the Great Inland Sea is now considered part of the Wild Lands, the old province of Haranta has disappeared, destroyed by the incursions of goblins, kobolds and other barbaric tribes. Only the city of Freeport remains, but even it has fallen on hard times and is now basically a pirate-run den.

The water of the great sea flows through the River Navee to the Golden Strait.

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The North Shore of the Great Inland Sea, near Elye and Varéia

Great Inland Sea

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