Empire of the Ni

A thousand years ago, this Empire dominated over half of South Meshtun. It’s ancient capital of Sanc Ni is one of the oldest cities in the world.

But today, the Empire is sadly reduced to only a quarter of its size, centered on the vast jungles of the north coast of South Meshtun.

It has always been a rival of the Golden Kingdom of North Meshtun, although at present there is peace between them. The Ni’ite Army and Navy are powerful, but have their work cut out for them beating back the hordes of barbarians and monsters that assault their borders continuously and struggling with civil war among the Ni.

Scepter of Sanc Ni

The Scepter of the Emperor of the Ni – much blood has been shed to possess it!

Empire of the Ni

The Sigils of Meshtun jinlar