The Sigils of Meshtun

Getting started
All adventures must begin somewhere


The starting point

The adventure starts in the Sea Realm of Enyen, in Nesena Town, not far from the Wild Lands to the east.

The Year is 1, and it’s the First Day of Summer – the longest day of the year and a holiday – traditionally an auspicious and happy occasion! A circus pulled into town this morning and has been entertaining the crowds all day.

The sun is low in the sky, and many travelers find themselves at the Inn of the Golden Snake, Map, tired and thirsty:

a dwarven male named Flint “Doc” Gemsplitter (Andrew-Kriticos)

a human male named Kaj of the Sea Realms of Enyen (James-jakim)

a warforged construct named Banyan (Ray-tholias)

a gnome male named Indore (Tom-tomtomettom)

a half-elven male named Navarro (Jesse-jesse)

an elven male named Dweniden (Eric-elraver)

a human male named Yor’ik Ki’roy (Howard-frothbeard)

Game Session 1
Year 1, Summer 1-?


The Bearer of the Sigil of Heroics will keep this blog up to date. Other Bearers may send material as well, especially references to their particular histories. Please forward all your entries for this blog to the DM.


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