Dr. Ssyxthry#n

A talented but rather unusual physician in Pard'lu


Dr. Ssyxthry#n looks for all in the world like a humanoid triceratops. He has green, scaly skin with strange runes etched on wide fan on the back of his head. The # in his name represents an unusual smell that only he can ‘pronounce’ correctly!


Dr. Ssyxthry#n is the most renowned medical doctor in all of Pard’lu and is much sought-after. He is said to have access to incredibly effective jungle medications known only to his race. He set up shop in Pard’lu about 10 years ago, stating “There are noo nany of usss in sssSanc-Ni.”

Although the heads of newcomers turn when he passes on the street, the long-term residents of Pard’lu are already accustomed to the creature they call ‘Dr. Lizard’. He is the only one of his kind in the city – at least as far as anyone knows….

Dr. Ssyxthry#n

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