Kaj of the Sea Realms of Enyen


Kaj, of Enyen (Align: Unaligned, Deity: possibly Bahamut)
Human Rogue Level 2

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HP: 36
Initiative: +7

Str 14,
Con 14,
Dex 18 (+2 human mod),
Int 9,
Wis 10,
Cha 12,

AC: 17,
Armor: Leather

Fort: 14,
Refl: 18,
Will: 13

Backstabber (1 die upgrade for sneak attack,)
Weapon Proficiency (Rapier)

Kaj has learned a lot of practical skills on Her Bright Ladyship, including how to take a blow on the jaw and how to use his knife in tight quarters (and across a bar room). Kaj has also learned the use of the rapier—the favored blade among seafarers. Kaj has also learned the use of specialized throwing blades, or shurikens, the standard anti-repelling tool on Her Bright Ladyship.

Trained Skills:
Stealth (10),
Thievery (10),
Bluff (7),
Acrobatics (12),
Streetwise (9),
Perception (8),
Intimidate (7).

As second mate on Her Bright Ladyship, Kaj was responsible for keeping the other crew members in line, this sometimes called for the occasional brow-beating, or straight beating. Kaj was also responsible for leading the crew on repelling boarders, which called for deft stepping among the rigging and lanyards. Kaj was also responsible for weeding out troublemakers on behalf of the Captain and the First Mate

Class Features:
First Strike,
Rogue Tactics (Brutal Scoundrel),
Weapon Talent (+1 to attack),
Sneak Attack (dmg +2d8 +2 from brutal scoundrel, die upgrade from backstabber)

At-will Powers:
Deft Strike,
Riposte Strike,
Piercing Strike

Encounter Power:
King’s Castle

Daily Power:
Blinding Barrage

Utility Power:
Adaptable Flanker

Common and Goblin

Hand Crossbow
Shurikens (30)
Dagger (4)
Thieves tool
Belt Pouch
Leather Armor

Wish list: A duelist rapier weapon


Birthplace: Some small outlying suburb of the mighty city of Enyen.

Background: Kaj grew up watching the ships sail in and out of his small town and dreamed of the glories awaiting him. Kaj was from a deeply devote family of worshipers of Bahumat. Before Kaj grew up to adulthood, his town was struck by sea-faring raiders. Kaj was able to survive, but his parents were not so lucky. Kaj was able to work on a merchant ship and grew up with the sailors and merchants of Enyan and the Sea States Kaj picked up some unsavory habits from his times in the port cities, including smoking, womanizing, gambling, and drinking, and profanity. Kaj also learned to keep his thoughts to himself when he among his crew members, unless it involved discussions of smoking, womanizing, gambling, and drinking, or plain cursing.

“Her Bright Ladyship” was a stinking scow of ship. It’s lineage was dubious and the scars on the ship disclosed a very inglorious past. The crew consisted of a captain, first mate, second mate, navigator, quartermaster, a representative of the merchant house, and approximately 20-30 deckhands (depending on the quality of the whores at the last port of call). Kaj worked the vessel for almost five years before having a disagreement with the first mate, may he stew in the Hoary-man’s pot.

Present Situation:
Kaj received his compensation for working on the trader “Her Bright Ladyship”, but after all the wild living, he has only several gold pieces to his name. Kaj has finally decided that the High Seas no longer offers the dreams promised to him as a youth. Several years ago, his birthmark began changing, and Kaj took this as a sign that things would change even if he refused to admit it. With his rapier, blades, and peculiar skill set, Kaj is determined to make his mark on land.

Kaj has the sigil of order, a mysterious birthmark on the outside of his sword hand. It originally appeared as a light blue scar. Kaj always thought the line was vein showing to shallow under the skin. The sigil began to change shape recently and now appears as a small blue lightning bolt. At the same time the sigil began taking its new shape, Kaj has experienced a quickening in his already fast reflexes.

Here are some additional background material that I propose for Kaj related to the Great City of Enyen.

Kaj of the Sea Realms of Enyen

The Sigils of Meshtun jakim