Father Pelor

A humble priest of Pelor in Nesena Town


Father Pelor is an ancient human male. His true name has been long forgotten, perhaps even by himself.

He is the cleric of Pelor for Nesena Town. While the ‘official’ temple of the town is dedicated to Bahamut, a smaller, much, much older temple to Pelor has been built and re-built over the ages. The simple folk of the area – farmers, vintners and the poorer townsfolk – have a great love for Pelor, and for the elderly priest who has visited and comforted them for two generations.

White-haired, hunch-backed, Father Pelor can often be seen on the streets of the town, or sweeping the wooden porch of his little temple. He lives in a small building attacked to the temple and has no fellow-clerics of Pelor to help him. Some worry what will become of the temple when their beloved pastor finally goes to serve his god in the Great Beyond.

Father Pelor

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