Justiciar Narda

The righteous head of Nesena Town's Temple of Bahamut


Justiciar Narda, a female dragonborn, aged 45, is the chief cleric of the Temple of Bahamut in Nesena Town (Sea Realm of Enyen).

She is a strict mistress and definitely in control of her temple, but she allows devotees of other good gods to worship their respective deities in the temple as well, and the temple often shelters itinerant clerics of other faiths.

She has an intense hatred for the evil gods, and tries to root out any worship of them from the town and surrounding areas.

There are three other clerics of lower rank who reside with her in the temple, and five temple guards. The temple also runs the only school in Nesena Town, where all children ages 7-14 are welcome.

Justiciar Narda

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