The Sigils of Meshtun

Wanted for 150gp

Getting closer to the city, I learned from passerby and inn patrons that a notorious scoundrel is wanted dead or alive for the raping of Captain Dumain’s lady. The reward offered is 150 G.P. I am seething. That is an embarrassing amount for my head. That is horse-thief territory. Nevermind the fact that half of Enyen has “raped” the good lady Dumain. Nevermind that Lady Dumain apparently is a serial rape victim and that she always scheduled her rapes during the time that the good impotent Captain Dumain was at watch.

The only ones that could believe this horse dung are the priests in the City. I was “upped” by the Shadow Guild for my efforts with Lady Dumain. Hopefully there is honor among thieves and my mates have stood up for my good name as a murdering philandering, but not raping, scoundrel. We rogues do have standards.

I have advised my comrades that the best approach is to get into the lower wards and make our introductions to the Guild without skulking around the City waiting for the Hoary Man to chop us up into stew.  I could improvise a disguise and go under my psuedoname of "Jack." Perhaps each of us should temporarily adopt travelling names for our time in the City.
I was mulling these shade thoughts when upon entering a walled town, a small lass runs up screaming her head off about her mother being attacked.  Banyan, without any thought to our prior discussions regarding well-planned approaches, and scouting the scene, charges into the village.  The gang runs after and we are besieged immediately by dwarves that appeared to have been dipped in a barrel of Hell.

This was close. Lightnin-Gnome couldn’t hit anything all day. D went down. Barrels were blowing up in our faces. I was beedin out on the dirt street. The dragon slayer, Doc was busy trying to keep us off the Lady’s doorstep. Banyan was finally able to knock the head of the evil dwarves off a roof and we stuck him with the butcher’s bill.

Even after this near miss, I can’t get over the fact that they only offered 150 gp for my head.



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