The Sigils of Meshtun

There has been great turmoil in the lives of The Marked Ones.

The group has been traveling together for months now, and has grown considerably in power from where they began.

After Doom Spike Village they traveled to the old keep in the mountains of the island. There, they fought through a ritual being performed by cultists and those enslaved by the cult. Unable to disrupt the ritual that would “Summon the Worm”, they were caught in its effects. Little did the cult itself understand just what those effects would be.

The Marked Ones were transported to a time in the past where powerful nobility, once servants of Pelor, had been in time, warped to something different… something wrong. They worshiped torture and pain now, reveling in the glory of the suffering they habitually cause. The King of these people had seen to it that the adventuring group was called to his keep, and hoped to use them in breaking the curse that kept the twisted ones trapped in the past.

The keep was all trapped in a Time Loop, the day of their siege replayed over and over again. The dead would return, the gains would be lost and the losses regained. To end this, the twisted inhabitants of the keep (including the King, his sister the sorceress, and the vizier as key players in the repeating dance) all wanted an enchanted sword that lay below the keep, stolen by the King’s brother and taken away long ago. The Marked Ones attempted to learn what they could and then ventured to the cavernous depths below to find this magic blade.

There they engaged with an Ancient group of inbred Eladrin who were barely holding on to survival. Allied with this group, The Marked Ones found their way to the sword in the lap of the corpse of the long dead King’s brother, for he (like the feeble Eladrin), were not trapped within the time loop, but could not leave their own little pocket of Underdark because of it. The Marked Ones, after escaping from a beast that still gives some among their number nightmares, attempted to lead their new allies back to storm the Keep with the help of the sword… that coursed with an evil intelligence.

When the bringer of doom, this fel blade, touched the barrier of the cursed keep’s edge, reality exploded… when all was normal again, the group had returned to where they began, and were able to finally recover one of the Robes of Pelor, an artifact they had journeyed there to retrieve in the first place.

This accomplished, the curse seemed to have been truly destroyed. In the Shadowfel of the island, where an ancient convent of the Raven Queen once was destroyed by powerful magic leaving only an ever churning whirlwind of death… the air was silence and calm once again. The Marked Ones visited the physical realm’s version of this place in the modern day and cemented their friendship with the maidens there. The adventurers granted them the evil sword to keep safe and away from influencing The Marked One’s growing strength with its horrid power. This was impressive to the masters of the convent and they hinted at a bond being forged.

The Marked Ones were granted easy passage to the Shadow with the Sisters who were returning to the holy site of their past to rebuild the ancient convent once again. Here, in the Shadowfel, they crossed the desert rather than wait several moons for a boat to cross the ocean that lay in the same location in the Realm they knew as home. There were dangers a plenty here. From creatures they did not know, to a powerful dragon they defeated with a show of strength followed by carefully chosen diplomacy and cunning. Eventually, they arrived in Enyen’s counterpart in the Shadow. This city was not as it should be. Before, in this place, the Raven Queen was considered a patron. Now, the Goddess was openly shunned and creatures not before welcome there were at home… like the Undead.

The group was ushered into the central keep where they came face to face with a new player in the great game of the Sigils. A Vampire whom several among the group saw and instantly wanted to strike down for defying the will of the gods by its very existence. This Vampire was too powerful, and the words she spoke were too well played for the battle to take place just yet. She served Amateen and proposed a working partnership between the group and her lord. As the details were left vague enough for The Marked Ones not to be heavily bound, they agreed… for now.

The group then returned to the Realm of Enyen…


A worthy tale, bravo.

Time and again...

I’ll try and get to the next part shortly.

Time and again...

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