The Sigils of Meshtun

Portal Panic (Kaj's view)

“Coup De Grace The Other Gnome” – Kaj

I knew the passageway down the left held Hell’s horror. I must be traveling with the clumsiest crew in Meshtun. We followed the hobbies blood trail down the dark and narrow. We discover a simple pit trap with hanging rope to swing across—simpler than jumping riggings on a rowboat.

We overcome goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, hexers, and a bloody ogre. But the party is laid low by a rope. The elf, dwarf, and near half the crew go down the pit trying to cross it. I decide fate has called it and actually use the rope to climb down, rather than my mates’ head dives into the abyss.

In the stinkin cesspool, we notice that the floor is covered with shrooms of various colors, and two of the largest lizards I have ever heard described. The crew sucks at climbing rope, but make quick work of the two drakes (as I am later informed by our naturalist).

After being stymied by a barred door (the goblins on the other side did not believe my imitation of a distressed female goblin), we proceeded to the side room where we were confronted by a phantom tapestry and yellow goo.

Someone had the bright idea of messing with the witchcraft and two swarths jumped out of the tapestry and proceeded to waste away before our eyes.

We took out the goo, and then became acquainted with a couple of spooks in what appeared to be a burial chamber. At the end of the passageway two gnomes put up a hell of fight. We pounded one senseless and demanded surrender from his friend. His friend decides discretion is the better part of valor, and I yell out “coupe de grace the other gnome.” Hopefully, that will put the little bugger’s mind in perspective when we question him about the prisoners.

I still have not been able to rest up and the haphazard bandages are covering my wounds are starting to fall off. Would like to rest, but keep thinking about all the other prisoners down here waiting for the monsters to eat em, feed em, or gods know what. It was so much simpler on the seas.


“Messed with the tapestry” – That was me, my bad!

Portal Panic (Kaj's view)

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