The Sigils of Meshtun

Life in the City

During the party’s stay at Mercy House, Kaj reveals the following to his fellow Marked One’s:

Places of Interest for Kaj:

Kaj spent most of his life, from early teens through the age of 21, frequenting the docks and the slums of Enyen. Occasionally, traveling to better parts of the cities on “errands” for the Guild or Captain Barraka. Places of special note for Kaj include the following:

House of Mercy: it is just a plain roof with no walls, supervised by Old Marm Issiid, a blind elderly lady who hands out food to the beggar children of Enyen. Mommy “Iis” was the difference between being hungry and starving to death when Kaj was a young street urchin. Mercy House is supported by various charities and, unbeknownst to the general public, protected by the Guild. The guild law provides that “no blood is shed at Mercy House.”

The Floating Anchor: is a rundown tavern on the docks that also contains a lower level accessing the water line. A perfect place for smuggling goods into and out of Enyen. Was a frequent spot for Her Bright Ladyship to anchor. The proprietor is Cars Flatbottom, a dwarven male who was forced to work on a ship in his younger years. Cars is an excellent fence and knows how to make a profit from Enyen’s seedier population. Persons of note:

Raast Baraka, Captain of Her Bright Ladyship, half-orc, late 40’s. A grim silent figure who brooks no challenge to his authority as complete master of the ship. Carries a huge cutlass. Few outside the crew know that Baraka is a half-orc. His huge beard and bushy eyebrows cover up a lot of his orcish features. Only a close inspection reveals pronounced canines. Commanded a crew made up by goblins, and the riff raff of the Sea Realms. It is known among his officers that Baraka never purchased his ship, but acquired it by force of arms. For the past decade, Baraka has made profit from transporting and selling contraband, stolen goods, and other illicit cargo. Baraka is famouse for being able to harbor at any port of call, even without a harbormaster’s knowledge.

Ulfer Vurmstag, first mate, barbarian, mid 30’s. A huge tanned barbarian from the Northlands. Kaj first met Ulfer when he attempted to a fugitive passenger to transport, without approval from the Shadow Guild. Young Kaj impressed Baraka with his ability to browbeat Ulfer and the crew to accept the charter, and Baraka ordered Kaj press-ganged into the crew as additional payment for the fare. Ever since their first meeting, Ulfer and Kaj have harried each other. Kaj learned to respect Baraka and learned from Baraka how to earn respect from a crew of cut-throats. Kaj gained the captain’s favor and was ultimately promoted to second mate. In the end, Ulfer’s resentment boiled over and he attacked Kaj during a port call in Enyen. Kaj beat the drunken Ulfer in front of the crew at a dock tavern and Kaj sliced his ear off. The Captain arrived at the scene and pronounced his judgment. The fight was off the boat, so it was not appropriate for him to issue ship justice. However, Kaj was kicked off the crew for attacking a superior officer.

Remi, rogue, human, mid 20’s, member of the Red Rats. Childhood friend of Kaj when he was growing up among the squalor of the City. Kaj, along with Remi, joined the Red Rats, a youth gang that controlled the docks area of the city. The Red Rats focused on stealing cargo sitting at the docks. Eventually, the Red Rats drew the attention of the Shadow Guild, one of Enyen’s underworld guild of assasins, prostitutes, pimps, fences, confidence men, and thieves. A dozen Guildsmen arrived at the Red Rats’ location and offered the Rats a choice: join the Guild as a local franchise, or oppose the Guild. The Rats agreed on the spot, happy to move up in the world. The Rats quickly learned that associating with the Guild had a heavy price. “Murder, cheat, steal, and rob, but always offer a half portion to the Guild” was the only rule harshly enforced by the Guild. Remi helped Kaj escape the city after the incident with the Captain’s Wife.

Vanis, Femals human early 20’s. Was a member of the Red Rats, along with Kaj and Remi. Vanis became a little sister to Kaj. When the Rats fell short of the accounting by the Guild, the local chapter boss demanded Vanis for his whore parlor in payment. Kaj argued with Remi against the payment. Kaj took Vanis to the docks, along with all his money (a handful of gold pieces), to the only ship that could sail past the reach of the Shadow Guild, Her Bright Ladyship. Although Kaj was press-ganged, Captain Baraka kept his word and delivered Vanis to a religious settlement, at the outrage of Vanis. Kaj promised to return and make Vanis a lady.

Scandalous Affairs:

Although Kaj has committed many crimes of the heart in his young and lustful career as a rake of Enyen, these are the more memorable feats:

Madame Anise Dumain, wife of Sir Durin Dumain, Captain of the City Guard for the Merchant District. Anise is in her mid 30s, buxom and lascivious. Kaj was easily able to seduce Anise on one of her slumming trips near the docks. Kaj was also able to learn the patrol schedule for the merchant district and was in the midst of repaying Madame Dumain when her impotent husband barged into the scene—coitus interruptus. Kaj was able to escape the pursuit of the entire district guard, but only with help from his Red Rat pack.

Therrila of the Seven Veils, half-elven entertainer, dancer, and concubine of Orsk Mossin, Under Boss of the Shadow Guild. In one of his craziest act, Kaj approached Therrila after a night of drinking and actually scored the bedroom dance. After sobering up, did Kaj realize that he had just diddled the woman belonging to the second most powerful man in the Shadow Guild. Every step taken by Kaj in Enyen echos with the repercussion of what will happen if Orsk finds out that Kaj has rubbed his favorite rubarb.

Ankaras the Flesh Weaver, a hag of the slums, with flesh “condition.” Ankara is ugly to the extreme. Ankara also provides healing and medical services to Guild Members when they are unable to approach more legitimate providers. Kaj met a beautiful maiden on a fool-moon and wa surprised at the ease in which he was able to get up her dress. Several days later, Kaj awoke in Ankaras hovel, to her shrieking laughter. Kaj has been unable to tell anyone what happened, and shudders at what he suspects happened.

Recent Developments: Upon return to the City, Kaj learned the following: Captain Dumain has posted a 150 gp reward for Kaj, dead or alive. Remi is locked up in prison, apparently as bait placed by Captain Dumain in his effort to catch Kaj. Vanis was shipped off to the Sisters of Sorrows at Doomspike Island. Orsk Mossin has moved up as head of the Shadow Guild. The Shadow Guild competes with two other organizations, one made up of halflings, and another lead by a mysterious Dark Lady. The Dark Lady has informed Kaj that she will meet to discuss the sphere.


There’s quite a bit to explore here it seems. Guess we ain’t heading South anytime soon!

Life in the City

Banyan currently has:

Life Vine Hide Armor +1 Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1 Iron Armbands of Power

I’m okay for now, but I can always use a magic weapon of some kind. However, My initial goal of getting into axes has somewhat changed. I’m not sure If I should turn to heavy blades for the added proficiency or, because of my high CON, change to Hammers/Maces. My overall goal is to have a 1h/Shield option and a reach option, while still doing decent damage (so no whips for me).

Life in the City

ack wrong thread. Let me post in the right one.

Life in the City

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