The Sigils of Meshtun

Dweniden as a Child (Part 2)

Youth In Revolt

...before he was ‘found’ by Bahamut, Dweniden was a very different person…

Born of a people displaced from their homes, lost and broken and trying to rebuild in the Human-centric world. The generation that came to the city is now older, their children have children themselves, and among them was Dweniden.

Not to get into too much detail, Enyen was Dweniden’s home in his youth. It has been over ten years since he has left the city, but he was there for many years before that. Dweniden no longer resembles the child he once was, and he prefers it that way. While Kaj is hiding from external dangers there, Dweniden was hiding from personal demons. To be recognized would raise too many questions from within, and to prevent that end he has not even shared his history with his allies.

Though the more perceptive, upon reflection, would put together some of the pieces that showed a connection between Dweniden and Enyen, he has offered nothing on the matter.

The temple in particular surprisingly, and to Dweniden’s comfort, did not recognize the man who left to wield his God’s power in the name of all that is Holy and right.

Before the temple though, before being ‘saved’, he was a thief, a burglar, a hooligan who picked dangerous fights and defied his elders. He was a street tough and would have, left to his own devices, become a frightful and dangerous man consumed by darkness. He owes his life, and more importantly he feels… his very soul, to the beings of light who guided him.

Dweniden was trained by both priests and Outsiders (the capital O is intentional). Meaning Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, and other people born of this world… but beyond them, and more importantly, he was schooled by Archons, Devas, and other Angels and Spirits not of this world. Before he first called down Bahamut’s wrath upon a foe, he was trained by beings most people in the world did not even believe in, much less get a chance to stand face to face with.

His youth however, is always in his mind. He can not hide from it, he knows… but that does not mean he must embrace it.


I would like to know Dwenidon’s thoughts on the party’s current situtation, Kaj’s ongoing problems from the past, and the need to “rescue” a person from the Sisters of Sorrow, an enclave of the Raven Queen.

Dweniden as a Child (Part 2)

An individual’s past is less interesting to Dweniden than their present. What they will do, or what they have done, is less important than what they are doing now. As Dweniden sees it, Kaj is working within the apparent plans of the Gods themselves right now. After all, a little death and immorality is nothing compared to the horrors the world will see if the Gods are defied.

The whole Sisters of Sorrow thing was interesting to Dweniden. Historically, the Raven Queen is very solitary among the Gods. Her place is needed and her methods tolerated, but she is not really welcome in many people’s homes for a reason. He would never wish to defy the Raven Queen, at least not directly… but if ever there was a ‘good’ God that was worth investigating the followers of, it would be her.

Dweniden as a Child (Part 2)

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